On a shoot in Big Sur

On a shoot in Big Sur

Hi, I'm Shef Reynolds. 

I have lived and breathed photography for the past decade, first finding a camera while working as a stringer/reporter for The Sun Chronicle in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  I quickly learned that I could double my income if the paper bought both my story and also photos.  Shortly thereafter, I found myself shooting incessantly. 

Over the course of the next few years I worked as a digital technician and first assistant, traveling to over a dozen countries and throughout the United States.  Since 2014, I transitioned to shooting exclusively, with a broad list of clients in the corporate, advertising, and editorial sectors.

In my minimal free time, I renovate my Boston condo with my fiancée and write poems, having just submitted my Master of Fine Arts thesis for review at Goddard College. 

Poets and photographers such as Herb Ritts, Dan Winters, Robert Haas, James Tate, and a slew of brilliant contemporary creatives have had a huge influence on my style. 

I can't wait to make something cool with you

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